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The Department of Mathematics, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University Came into an existance as adjoint department of Mathematics and Statistics during Forth Five Year Plan ( 1969-1974 ). Initially the campus of the University was not developed, the P. G. Centres were developed. The classes for both M. Sc. Part-I and Part-II were started at the P. G. Centre, the P.T. Science college, Surat. The Post-graduate Centre for Mathematics, on the University Campus was established in 1978 adjoint department with Statistics and Prof. S. S. Sharma, from statistics was leading the department. But, for all practical purpos, apart from certain technicalities Prof. A. M. Vaidya was looking after the matters concerning to mathematics section since 1979. After Prof. Vaidya left in 1986, Dr. V. S. Joshi was taking Charge of Mathematics side. The joint Department then was separated and the Mathematics department came into existence in 1986 and Dr. V. S. Joshi was the First head, of the department of Mathematics. In October 1987, Dr. N. L. Kalthia joined the department of Mathematics as a Professor and Head and continued as a Prof. Head until he was retired in June 1996. After retirement of Prof. Kalthia, Prof. V. S. Joshi became head of the department and he remain Head till he was passed away due to some serious illness in the year 2000. After the death of Prof. Joshi, Dr. P. H. Bhathawala was asked by the university to lead the department till further notice. In the year 2001 Dr. Bhathawala pramoted as Professor under carrear advancement scheme and hence he was given permenant order to act as a Head of the mathematics department from July 2001.

Prof. A. M. Vaidya was first to provide the real Headership to mathematical developments in this university. Prof. Joshi’s role was more or less caretaker. Prof. Kalthia has initiated to start advance Computer courses like DCA and MCA first time inVeer Narmad South Gujarat University and thus he has Established Computer Centre at the university campus.

The department is regularly revising it syllabus of M. Sc. course, after every three years. At present it also runs M. Phil and Ph. D. research degree courses. The major areas of research for which the expertise are available in this department includes : Fluid dynamics, Magnetohydro dynamics, Applications of differential equation and Computational techniques.

Recently department has started new self financed M. Sc. classes. Thus department remains active and enthusiastic in rendering its academic services. The faculty member are keen to invite to exchange their views with like minded professionals and also actively participating conferences, seminars, workshops etc. In all activities carried out on Mathematics subject by Gujarat Ganit Mandal and other societies. This department has always contributed positively and effectively.

Course offered :

The department offers three courses : M. Sc., M. Phil, Ph. D.

M. Sc. Mathematics.

Duration of Course : 2 years.

Eligibility : Passed B. Sc. with Mathematics with atleast 50% of marks .

Intake of students : 30 ( Free seats )
30 ( Higher payment fees )

Admission procedure : On Merit only.

Researvation policy : 27 % (SEBC) , 15 % SC , 7 % ST , 2 % PH.

Fee structure :

For free seats : Rs. 670/- for boys per term.
Rs. 370/- for girls per term.

For Higher payment seats : Tution fee : Rs. 5000/- per term.
Quation money deposit Rs. 500/- for first term only.

No. of papers : Total : 10 papers given by department details of which is given below :

M. Sc. Part-I

Paper No. Paper name

101 Abstract Algebra and Number Theory.
102 Real Analysis and Complex Analysis.
103 Topology and Functional Analysis.
104 Vector Analysis and Differential Geometry.
105 Ordinary differential equations and Partial differential equations.


M. Sc. Part-II

Paper No. Paper name

201 : Advance Numerical Analysis.
202 : Advance Functional Analysis
203 : Viva-Voce Examination.

Optional papers : Students have given option to select any group of two papers from following list of papers.

2201 Fluid Dynamics 2202 Computational Fluid Mechanics
2203 Theoretical Computer Science 2204 Theory of Algorithms
2205 Mathematical Modelling 2206 Scientific Computing & Industrial Applications
2207 Ad. Operations Research 2208 Optimization Techniques
2209 Integral Transforms 2210 Ad. Integral Transforms
2211 Theory of Integral Equations 2212 Methods of Integral Equations
2213 Fourier Analysis 2214 Wavelet Analysis
2215 Dynamical Systems 2216 Non-linear Analysis
2217 Advanced Analysis 2218 Theory of Distributions
2219 Mathematical Methods 2220 Special Functions
2221 Ad. Special Functions 2222 Algebraic Number Theory
2223 Analytical Number Theory 2224 Combinatorial Analysis
2225 Ad. Graph Theory 2226 Theory of Graphs
2227 Theory of Ring & Modules 2228 Ad. Linear Algebra & Applications

M. Phil :

Duration of course : 1 year full time 2 year part time

Department offers only Part-time course.

Intake of Students : Limited number of students are admitted.

Eligibility : Passed M. Sc. ( Mathematics ) with at least 50 % of marks.

Admission Procedure : Admissions opens after declaration of final result at B. Sc. examination on the basis of entrance examination & Viva-Voce test.

A committee namely ‘ Departmental Research Studies Committee’ (DRSC) formed as per M. Phil Rules ofVeer Narmad South Gujarat University is taking all care of complete M. Phil programm.

Reservation Policy : Same as M. Sc.

Fee Structure : As perVeer Narmad South Gujarat University Rules

Number of Papers : Three papers offered One compulsary and Two optional to complete one year training programm. After one year students have to go through course containt Exam. And qualified students are assigned research guide for one year dissertation work in their area of interest.

Name of papers :

Compulsary papers :

Research Methodology.

Optional papers : Any four of the following papers.

1. Functional Analysis 2. Theory of Integral Equations
3. Linear Algebra 4. Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations
5. Collocation Method 6. Finite Element Method
7. Special Functions 8. Dirichlet Series
9. Partition Theory 10. Elliptic Functions

Ph. D. Programm :

Registration offers any time during academic year under Ph.D.. supervising Teacher.

Duration of course : Usually Two years.

Intake of Students : Any supervising teacher can not Registered more than 6 students at a time as per Ph. D. Rules ofVeer Narmad South Gujarat University.

Eligibility : Passed M. Sc. Mathematics with at least 50% of Marks.

Admission Procedure : Registration can be made any time in the year.

Reservation Policy : Not Applicable.

Fee Structure : As per Veer Narmad South Gujarat University Rules.

Research Area Available : Following faculty members are recognized as Ph. D. Guide with their allied area of Research.

Faculty :

Name Designation Research Area
Prof. Dr. P.H. Bhathwala Professor and Head 1. Fluid dynamic of porous medium
2. Non-linear Analysis
3. Non-linear Analysis
Dr. H.D. Doctor Reader 1. Collocation & Spline Theory
2. Numerical Analysis
Dr. M.G. Timol Reader 1. Similarity Analysis
2. MHD of Non-Newtonian Fluids
3. Numerical Techniques
Mr. Dilip Joshi Lecturer -


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