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Department of Comparative Literature



The U.G.C. sanctioned the Department of Comparative Literature (CL) ofVeer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat in 1986. But after undergoing certain necessary formalities and procedures, it actually launched in the academic year of 1992-93. The most conspicuous fact about CL, being a new discipline is thatVeer Narmad South Gujarat University owes the credit to have this sort of full-fledged department of Comparative Literature, for the first time in the whole of Western Zone, and second of its kind in this country next to Jadavpur University, Calcutta.

Comparative Literature: An Approach and A Programme :

Comparative Literature is chiefly an academic approach, but simultaneously it is an essential and a substantial programme to achieve national integrity and communal harmony through literature in a multilingual nation like ours. We intend to expand our wings in both the directions as we have taken up the Comparative Literature Department.

Comparative Literature: An Academic Approach

In the 19th Century, the thrust for knowledge sought specialization in every branch. The study of man and matter, institution and universal was attempted by dividing them into parts by specialized experts. Consequently the experts pierced through their subject and could know its part better, but this analytical process superseded the concept of integral approach. But later on the excess of analytical approach was strongly reacted against. The academicians and thinkers felt it necessary to foster a holistic view after knowing the parts. Consequently, the process to view all academic disciplines in relation to each other and the process of synthesis thereof received higher acceleration. Viewed from this perspective, comparative Literature is an interdisciplinary attitude. The study of Comparative Literature as a discipline comprises of the literatures of two countries. Sometimes the study of different languages and their literatures of a same nation are also conducted. The study of literature in relation to other branches of knowledge, art and culture is also attempted under Comparative Literature.

Emphasis on Intra-national Comparison :

The utility of Comparative Literature has two dimensions: The global as well as local. In the study of Comparative Literature the international comparisons ought to be sought upto some extant, but at the same time our emphasis should be on intra-national comparison. The major of comparative thrust of comparative study is aimed at a close study of Indian culture, civilization and life style of the common people. Hence, we desire to chanalise this approach in intra-national direction. Therefore, we plan to develop the syllabi in the direction of comparing the literatures of Indian languages without ignoring the world literature. Our aim is to lead the student to the study of Comparative Indian Literature, throughout the intra-national emphasis.

Plans and Projects for the development of Comparative Literature (as an approach or an academic discipline

We are with the intention to implement the following plans and projects:


M.A. Part I & II

Comparative Literature as Entire subject (Eight papers) Principal subject (six papers) and subsidiary subject (two papers) + Two optional papers (Total Nos. of papers 10).

M.A. Part I:

1. Theory and Practical Criticism
2. Influence of Sanskrit Literature on the Literature of Indian Languages.
3. A. Generic Comparative Literature
3. B. Literature and Culture
4. Thematic Studies,
5. Theory and Practical Criticism
6. Influence of European Literature on the Literature of Indian Languages.
7. Comparative Indian Literature.
8. A. Essays and Translation.
B. Literature and Philosophy (Proposed)

M.Phil. courses :

Two Years Course 4 papers in Theory of Comparative Literature. IInd year :Dissertation on the subject of candidate’s choice.

Ph.D. Courses:

Dr. Ashvin Desai (Reader & Head of Department of Comparative Literature) and Dr. Mrs. Savita Gaur (Lecturer, Department of CL) both are recognized as supervising teacher and will guide Ph.D. students for their research. Dr. (Miss) D.D. Parmar is also qualified for guiding M.Phil students.

Propagation of C.L. at Undergraduate Level

C.L. has been introduced at Undergraduate level at S.Y.. Level.

Diploma Course in C.L. and Translation

We desire to conduct courses in Comparative Literature and Translation, so that the art of translation may be helpful to the students in the field of research journalism, culture and so on. Certificate Courses in Indian Languages
Our first inclination is to run certificate course in for Marathi Language, as it is our next door sister-language. Moreover, Gujarat has certain deep roots of cultural and literary exchanges extended to Bengal. So, the certificate course in Bengali Language would be our another endeavour. In the same way, we desire to ran classes for Punjabi and Urdu too. Because the people speaking Punjabi and Urdu are required to be involved in the main stream of National Integrity. Learning their language knowing their literature, which is also equally rich, can make their friendship. Later on, we may start certificate courses in Tamil, Telugu also. Thus this certificate courses of in Indian languages.

Certificate Courses in Foreign Languages

We are intending to start certificate courses in Foreign languages i.e. German and French languages. The obvious outcome of the learning such languages would be the expansion of wider perspective for comparison in the minds of the students. They may get job in the field of journalism and research and can earn their livelihood.


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