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Department of Biosciences

The Department
  • Department of Biosciences was established under the developmental grants of UGC during the IV Five-year plan in the year 1977.

            Academic programmes leading to M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D Degrees  comprise of three major disciplines of Biological Sciences Viz. Animal Sciences (Zoology), Plant Sciences( Botany) and Microbiology.

             Department has facilities to conduct research in the areas of Animal and Human cytogenetics, Animal Developmental Biology, Entomology, Fishery Biology, Algology, Medicinal Plants, Microbial Physiology, Plant anatomy, plant Taxonomy, Rhizhosphere Microbiology, Environmental microbiology.

     a.       Department of Biosciences is recognized as Environmental Laboratory by Govt. of India under Cl (b) of subsection (1) of Section 12 and 13 of the Environmental (protection) Act, 1986.

    b.       Shri Bapalal Vaidya Botanical Research Centre has been established in 1994 with donations in cash and kind from public to conduct research in medicinal plants.

    Faculty :



Specialization and/ or Research area

Dr.P.K.Hiradhar M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor & Head Animal Developmental Biology, Environmental toxicology, Entomology
Dr.M.H.Parabia M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor Plant taxonomy, Medicinal plants, Palynology, Seed morphology
Dr.P.K.Gadhia M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor Human Cytogenetics, Genetic Toxicology, Radiation Biology
Dr.Y.J.Thanki M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor Plant anatomy, Plant histochemiostry – Mitrotechniques
Dr.P.V.Desai M.Sc., Ph.D. Reader Rhizosphere Microbiology Environmental microbiology
Dr.S.K.Tank M.Sc., Ph.D. Reader Fishery biology              Aquatic pollution
Dr.M.N.Reddy M.Sc., Ph.D. Lecturer Algal physiology, Biodiversity, Medicinal plants, Environmental pollution
Mr.B.A.Rana M.Sc. Lecturer Microbiology – Pollution studies
Mrs.K.K.Garasia M.Sc. Lecturer Plant sciences – Plant anatomy



  • Laboratory:

    1. 2 Research Lab
    2. 2 M.Sc. Lab
    3. Department Library
    4. Computational Facility

     List of Major Instruments & Equipment   

  1. Photomicroscope Phomi - III
  2. Open top cryostat
  3. Liquid Scintillation Analyser
  4. Pulse Polarograph
  5. Refrigerated Centrifuge (High speed)
  6. Spectrophotometer Shimadzu Double beam UV- Vis.
  7. Laminar flow
  8. BOD Incubator
  9. Rotary shaker (Incubator)
  10. Binocular Stereomicroscope
  11. Trinocular Microscope
  12. Spectrophotometer Digital
  •  Apart from these, routine laboratory equipments and instruments such as incubators, autoclaves, Lab microscopes, centrifuges, temperature controlled water baths etc are also housed in the Laboratory.



M.Sc. (Biosciences)

Duration of the course:       Two years

Intake of the students:        30 + 10% Higher fee

Eligibility:  Bachelor’s degree in , Biosciences, Botany,  Microbiology, Zoology

Admission procedure: As per University rules

Course Carriculam

M.Sc. Part-I

Paper – I                Cell Biology, Genetics & Elements of Molecular Biology            
Paper – II               Biochemistry and Biophysics           
Paper – III              Genreral & Organismic Physiology and Tissue culture               
Paper – IV              Environmental Biology and Biometrics

 M.Sc. Part-II  (Three streams)           

 A. Animal Sciences

 Paper – V              Biology of  Non-chordates
Paper – VI              Biology of Chordates         
Paper – VII            Embryology and Histology
Paper – VIII           1. Entomology (Optional)  
                        2. Fishery Biology (Optional)    
                        3. Human cytogenetics (Optional)           
                        4. Animal Developmental Biology (Optional)

            B. Plant Sciences

Paper – V               Biology of Non-vascular Plants       
Paper – VI              Biology of vascular Plants (Non-flowering) and Anatomy          
Paper – VII            Biology of Vascular Plants (Angiosperms), Economic Botany and Botanical icroteniques
Paper – VIII           1.Marine Botany (Optional)  2.Forest Botany       (Optional)     3.Palynology       (Optional)
                                4.Algology    (Optional)

            C. Microbiology

Paper – V               Advanced Cytology and Taxonomy of Microbes         
Paper – VI              Medical Microbiology and Immunology        
Paper – VII            Environmental Microbiology.           
Paper – VIII           Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology


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