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When we started the site this was supposed to be the main section of our site. But this things need support from people. If any one comes to us for putting there communities details on the this site we would heartily welcome them. Or at the least please send us some information about your community heads we would contact them. Actually this things are though and atleast the older people don't fancy this things. So it is the young people who should come up for it.

We are expecting following details from your community. Say something like

  • Origin
  • People
  • Activities
  • Future activities
  • Social Work
  • Key Persons
  • Donations
  • Lifestyle
  • Current Affairs
  • Traditions etc.

This things are not a hardcore to be followed but a brief outline

We can get following advantages from it.

  • Get large number of donations (foreign currency) from abroad. This funds will be used in development of individual caste and in ultimately development of city.

  • We can know lifestyle of our people (caste) living in different country.

  • Wherever we are, we can know what is going on in and with our community.

  • Community people can get assistance in finding jobs or getting business too.

  • We can get details of any body.

  • We can know origin and history of our caste that is dyeing at a fast rate.

  • Traditions and Vidhi's of our cultures can be preserved.

  • Caste members worldwide can chat online and hence decrease the distant barrier(virtually) from their root.

So if you are reading this I suppose you are interested in the betterment of your caste members. So I am sure that you will atleast try something.

If you know any site of any Gujju caste/community please send the link to us, we would love to link it.


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