About the site

Well friends we don't want to say much about the creators of the site. Just to avoid the mails that we are getting we say it is a group called Mazda. The group does not wants to glorify their names because as Gandhiji said 'What's in a name'.


But surely we would like to tell us what we expect from this site in near future.

Below listed are some of the advantages we are expecting from the  website.

  • Get information about Surat from anywhere worldwide.
  • Increase business opportunities for surat.
  • Greatly provide I.T awareness in Surat.
  • From the Caste and Community chapter there could be following advantages.
    • Get large number of donations (foreign currency) from abroad. This funds will be used in development of individual caste and in ultimately development of city.

    • We can know lifestyle of our people (caste) living in different country.

    • Wherever we are, we can know what is going on in and with our community.

    • Community people can get assistance in finding jobs or getting business too.

    • We can get details of any body.

    • We can know origin and history of our caste that is dyeing at a fast rate.

    • Traditions and Vidhi's of our cultures can be preserved.

    • Caste members world-wide can chat online and hence decrease the distant barrier (virtually) from their root.

  • Non resident Suratiís can get a tour of Surat from their place any time.

  • They can also get the news of just Surat anytime.

  • People can learn more about their leaders and politicians whom they voted and can know what they did for Surat.

  • Student can ease their work by getting information about different institutes just from one place. Other city and state people can also get the educational information without coming to Surat.

  • Our university and colleges can get a better recognition and reputation in India and worldwide with a presence on Internet.

  • Small and big business can get the national and international recognition without spending anything and hence increase growth of the city.

  • This will unable people to visit their believed temples, incase they canít view it because of any reason.

  • The youth can get many entertainers in this site. Also this site will encourage the youth by reflecting their achievement on the site.

  • This will also help a little bit to the employers and employees in Surat. The employees can put their resume on our site that can help them to find better jobs worldwide and employer can get better people.

  • This site will help the spouse seekers a better option.

  • Help the Importers and Exporters. Also find new opportunities to exporters.

  • In long term it may help to attract industries and foreign investment too.

  • These are just some of the benefits viewed by just 1-2 people. As more and more people will see this site and participate in this site we will find lots of small and big benefits that people of Surat will get from this site. So please do write to us


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