Next Few Days

             The flood water started to suppress from the morning and by midday only 10% of the city was remained in water by 1 to 2 feet. As every flood does this time also the flood left its remains behind. The majority of the damage was done to the food grain due to the immersion of godowns and shop. People were removing the muddy water from their houses. Municipal Commissioner Jagdishan formed an action plan for the removal of waste and dead animals. Many dead animals were pyred by the cleaning staff. Many out-state worker residing in Surat to earn their livelihood absconded, as soon the water perished from the city, towards their native places. They had a post-flood plague havoc. A special medical team from Hydrabad arrived in Surat for the investigation of the rats corps, if there are any symptoms of plague. They found that there was no symptoms of plague.

                However to eradicate the chance of any pestilence, the state government and elected wing of municipal corporation opted for immense cleaning of the city. They also demanded spraying of pesticides in respective areas. The General medicine practitioner association of Surat and Indian medical council of Surat appealed to use boiled water for drinking and to be cautious about contagious diseases. The cleaning process was in progress upto the evening of 20th September. The people of Surat having the experience of 1994 followed a praiseworthy fightback..80% of Surat was cleaned up and pesticides were sprayed almost in all the areas.

             The flood toll was around 30 but a property of 2000 plus crores was estimated to be damaged.

             Although this is not the end but the beginning and this time lets hope that Surat becomes first in India and immerge as a model city of the country.

           We’re proud of being a Surati, being a Gujarati, being an India, being a human being and desire to serve humanity.