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                As the flood water over swapped almost 75 to 80% of the Surat city, the officials of Surat Electricity and Gujarat Electricity Board were forced to cut the power supply in the respective sub station as a precautionary measure. The relief operation was handed over to military officials. Almost 250 military officials. Almost 250 military and para-military soldiers arrived in Surat today morning. Up to 22 medical relief teams were activated by the efforts of Chief Minister. Mr. Keshubhai Patel and Mr. Kashiram Rana succeeded in getting more troops in the relief operation by convincing home minister. Mr. L.K. Advani, owing to the severe conditions, the home minister allotted two more helicopters for the rescue operations, from air force wing.

                Meanwhile officials at Ukai were still forced to release more than 10 Lac cusec owing to very heavy rains in Burhanpur. The water level at Ukai was 346 feet at 1:00 A.M. The flood situation in the city became more, severe. Rander-Adajan areas were totally contact less as the administrators closed all the three bridges connecting the area. Reports says that the protection way of wall of weir cum causeway, Borwada, almost 25 ft long was crashed by the terrible force of water yesterday evening. The outflow dashed and knocked the control building where all around the Rander area and destroyed most of the wooden houses situated near Borwada. The flow spreaded over the Rander road societies. Although there was less damage done to the lives of the people residing there but the rampage ruined the property and food grains stored nearby. The military rescue operators saved all the four controllers trapped in the weir control room via air-lift.

                  The municipal authority, social services agencies and almost all the socia-religious activity put themselves in the relief operation. They distributed thousands of flood packets and thousands of liters of pure drinking water to the flood affected. Local television channel ‘SURAT CHANNEL’ an appreciable job by covering the live coverage of the flood and by passing necessary information to the social service clubs and manilas where there was shortage of food and water.

                  Chief minister Mr. Keshubhai Patel handed over the charge of Surat to additional chief secretary Mr. K.V Bhanujan. He arrived at Surat with the state health minister Mr. Ashokbhai Bhatt. Chief Minister Mr. Keshubhai Patel had a night out yesterday to keep the constant monitoring of the situation. Textile minister Mr. Kashiram Rana also joined him. First citizen of Surat, Mayor Mrs. Savitaben Sharda had a look at the situation. She urged all the elected corporators to join the relief operation in their respective wards. The ward offices were opened round the clock and food packets, pure drinking water clothes and medicine were distributed from there to the needful. Later today irrigation minister Mr. Jaynarayan Vyas addressing in a press conference at Ghandhinagar said that more water will not be released. Now there were chances of water decreasing at the dam because the rains had stopped at the origin of Tapi and Madhya Pradesh region.

                    The working of Municipal organisation and social voluntary services were appreciable. There are evidences in the past that whenever there were any mass calamity or pestilence, we have forgotten differences, discrimination and we have faced all the problems with integration, This is the true identity of Surat. The work of all the goverment officials and the local leaders were fabulous and praise worthy. This attitude of their became an immense boost to the moral of the people. Morality isn’t dead, but it is certainly semi-comatose. And it needs numbers to revive it, a sense of concerted human striving to get going, get ahead, get noticed. It is a pledge we all must take if the future is to mean anything at all.