Day 2

The flood waters were first accumulated at ‘Kadarshah ni Naal’, ‘Navsari Bazaar’, ‘Ved Road’ areas at around 2 A.M. today and by the time when people were reading newspaper and were having their breakfast almost 25 to 30% of Surat was in the claws of dreadful floods. The slums at the banks of Tapi, were totally affected by the storm waters. Bapunagar, Nehrunagar, and Iqbalnagar near weir cum causeway were targeted badly. Many people were saving their lives by keeping themselves at their roofs. Weir cum causeway was totally drowned in the water and the streamlines were drawing the shape of it. Two out of eight sand seeking laborers lost lives, unaware of the rapid stream of water. Reports says that all the eight workers were from the same family and were residing at Mota Varachha village. Meanwhile the weather forecasting experts warned the people to face heavy to very heavy rains for the coming 48 hours in the South Gujarat region.

                  Chief fire Officer Mr. G.M Kotwal announced that water had been releasing from Ukai dam at the rate of 5 Lac cusec and water level of Kakrapar was 174.20 feet(5 feet more than danger level). The level near Hope bridge was 93 feet. This level at weir cum causeway was 11 meters. He also instructed all firemen to stay tuned and be alert, to attend any emergency at the earliest.

                 Local news agencies were criticising the Municipal authorities for not constructing the gates at the openings of drainage system. They had a fear of backing up of water and its outspread in city areas. As a fact fear storm water could struck Rander, Adajan, Rushabh Tower area, societies of Anand Mahal Road.

               All the School colleges remained closed and there was lack of presence in Government and Private offices. The whole Surat was disturbed. Member of Parliament and Textile Minister Mr. Kashiram Rana announced that the people should not have any sort of fear and they should face the natural calamity with courage. He also appealed not to run around rumors and to interrupt the officials in saving the blocked people. State chief minister Mr. Keshubhai Patel expressed deep grief for the accidental situation of floods in the South Gujarat region. He also instructed administrators of various district to send motor bouts with immediate affects so that the system could get necessary requirements. Almost 18 motor boats wear reported to be arriving by any time in the city. He also announced that three Helicopters of Navy would arrive in Surat to help the flood affected.

                Chief minister Mr. Keshubhai Patel changed his program and hailed at Surat to give necessary instruction and to look after the situation. He called an emergency meeting at the circuit house with cabinet minister of textiles Mr. Kashiram Rana and state water supply minister Mr. Narrottam Patel. In this they revealed that under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner of Ahmedabad Mr. N.R.Varsani, a troop of four deputy collectors will arrive in Surat for flood relief and post-flood relief. Chief minister allotted Rs. 2 crore to the local administration for the relief of flood affected. He also announced that the military forces will prove to be a helping hand in the relief.

               Meanwhile Municipal commissioner Mr. S. Jagdishan and district collector Mr. R.M. Shah in a joint meeting said that due to heavy rains in the flow area of Tapi, water has been releasing from the Ukai dam. They opted the people staying at lower areas to shift themselves at higher places. They also assured total security to their belongings.

              Almost 55,000 people were shifted by the municipal administration to safe places. All the primary schools, run by the municipality were opened for the shelter of flood affected. Almost 1 Lac tablets of chlorine were distributed in the city area for the purification of drinking water. Among the flood affected 20 thousand from Katargam, 15 thousand from Rander, 12 thousand from Varachha zone were shifted to safe places. According to the latest reports at 9:00 p.m. the water level at different places were as below.

Hope bridge 98.03 ft

Weir cum causeway 12.5 Mt

Ukai dam 345.88 ft

Release of water from the dam 6.5 Lac cusec

               The badly affected areas of the diamond city were Ved road, Katargam, Singapore, Dabhole where the water were flowing above 15 ft from the road level. The city areas included were Nanpura, Rudarpura health camp, Rajshree road, Girish group of hospital, Dhartinagar, Nana Varachha, Kantareshwar Mahadev, A.K Road, Sahyog Society, Dhastipura,

             Bharimata, Rander, Adajan patia etc. The low level Swami vivekanand bridge was totally drowned in the water. Water was flowing above 1 feet at this bridge. Besides, the level of hope bridge was 101.98 ft. Hope bridge has been witnessing the fury of river Tapi, since its inauguration. The Hope bridge was constructed by the collector, chief welfare officer and magistrate Mr. Theodar Hope in 1877. The level of Hope bridge at different years as per newsreel standards is as below.


Hope bridge level(Ft)




100.1(Highest update)
































103.0(Highest Record)