15th Sept. Tuesday

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On the evening of Tuesday 15th Sept., 98 the authorities of Ukai dam were forced to release water at the rate of 4 Lac cusec. On 14th Sept 98 the water level of Ukai reservoir was at 338 feet which emerged today at 342 feet which is just 3 feet less than the danger level of the dam.

This increase in the water level was due to immense low pressure system established near "Burhanpur" district of Madhya Pradesh which is almost 350 miles far from Surat. Due to low pressure heavy rain was prevailing at the origins of river Tapi. All the 152 villages in the way located nearby the banks of Tapi were cautioned and the people residing at lower areas were requested to shift at higher places. Surat was RED ALERTED. All the 22 gates of the dam were unbolted. The state government and the district collectorate of Surat were constantly monitoring the situation. A meeting was held between district collector Mr. R.M Shah and higher officials, to discuss the abrupt situation. As an urgency, action plan was set up to take necessary precautionary measures to cope up with flood.