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SOUTH GUJARAT UNIVERSITY, SURAT =============================== POST-GRADUATE COURSES ======================= The South Gujarat University provides Post-Graduate instruction in the following subjects/branches at location as follows:-
DEPARTMENT                  DEGREE                        SUBJECTS
----------                  ------                       -----------
(1)Department of English     M.A                        English Entire
                             M.Phill &                  English(Principal)
                             Ph.D.                      with subsidiary comparative
                                                        English(Subsidiary) with
                                                        Principal comparative
                                                        Hindi/Sanskrit    bsp;  


(2)Department of Comparative M.A                            1.Comparative Literature
Language                     M.Phill &                        Entire 
                             Ph.D                           2.Comparative Literature
                                                              (Principal) with Subsidiary
                                                              3.Comparative Literature(Subsidiary)
                                                              with Principal English/Hindi/Gujarati
(3)Department of Economics    M.A                             Entire Economics
                              M.Phill &
(4)Department of public      M.P.A                            Public Administration
administration               M.Phill &  
                             Ph.D.                                                                                                                                                                      bsp;                                                                                                     
(5)Department of Sociology   M.A M.Phill                       Sociology
                             & Ph.D.                                                                                                                     
(6)Mahatma Gandhi Department M.R.S                             Master of Rural Studies
of Rural Studies         M.Phill &Ph.D                                                                                             
(7)Department of Business  M.B.A                               1.Master of Business
& Industrial Management    M.Phill                               Administration(Evening)(Two-Years)
                           & Ph.D                              2.Master Of business Administration
                                                                 (Evening)(Three Years)
(8)Department of Education M.Ed.                               1.Master of Education                               
                                                                 (Full-Time One Year and
                                                                 part-time two years)
                           P.G.Dip. in
                           E.Du. Tech & Ph.D.                   2.P.G.Diploma in Educational
                                                                  Technology(One Year Part-Time)             
(9)Department of Physics    M.Sc. M.Phill                        M.Sc. Part-1 and M.Sc. part-2                               

                            & Ph.D.                               Physics with specilisation in
                                                                  (1)Electronics (2)Therotical Physics
                                                                  and (3)Material Science
                                                                  M.Sc.-1 and M.Sc.-2(Electronics)
                                                                  [Six students may be admitted this year] 

(10)Department of Chemistry  M.Sc.                                M.Sc. Part-1:Chemistry
                             M.Phil &                              M.Sc. Part-2:Organics(Special)
                             Ph.D.                                 paper[1] Dyes and Intermediates
                                                                   [2]Medical Chemistry,/In-Organic
                                                                   Physics and Applied Analytical
(11)Department of Mathematics M.Sc.                                1.Mathematics
                              M.Phill                              2.M.Phil.Mathematics(Part-time)
                              & Ph.D.                               M.Phil.Mathematics (Full-Time)   
                                                                    3.Ph.D.Mathematics in the field of           
                                                                    [1]Number theory [2]Fluid Dynamics
                                                                    [3]Numerical Analysis[4]Operation reserch
                                                                    [5]Fluid Mechanics[6]Special Function
                                                                    [7]Perturbation Theory     
(12)Department of Statistics   M.Sc                                  Statistics
                               M.Phill                                Statistics-Available branches
                               Ph.D                                   Sampling theory/Statistical Inference/
                                                                      Econometrics/Operation Reserch
                               D.C.A                                  (One Year)Computer

                               M.C.A                                  (Three Year)Computer Application 

                                                                       M.Sc. part-1 Bio-Science

core cources
(13)Department of Bio-Science   M.Sc                                   for all students with B.Sc.Bio-science
                                M.Phill                                Botany,Zoology,Microbiology and Bio-Chemistry
                                                                       ,M.Scpart-1 students passing Bio-Science
                                                                       from this university will be admmited to
                                                                       one of the following courceses for M.Sc.-2
                                                                       depending upon the facilities avialable 

                                                                      (A)ANIMAL SCIENCE:zoology

with cell &
                                                                      Radiation Biology /Fishery biology/
                                                                      entomology/Animal Devlopement/biology
                                                                      /Animal Physiology,Muscle Biology
                                                                      /Human Cytogenetics as aSpecial paper
                                                                      & disseration or practical
                                                                      (B)PLANT SCIENCE:(botany)with cell
                                                                      andf radiation biology /algology/
                                                                      Forest Botany /Marine Botany as a
                                                                      special paper & Dissertion of Practicals.
                                                                      Those who wish to apply for Botany
                                                                      (Plant science) in the university department
                                                                      must clearly mention "Plant Science"botany at
                                                                      "University Department" in their application


                                                                      with Industrial Microbiology &
                                                                      Bio-Technology as Special paper
                                                                     (D)M.Phil. & Ph.D. in

                                                                       Botany /Zoology/Microbiology. 

14.(Department of Aquatic Biology)  M.Sc.                              Aquatic biology
                                    M.Phil &
15.Department of Resrch             D.R.M.S.S.                          1.Diploma in reserch

Methodology in      
  Methodology and                   M.L.W.                                 Social Science (part-time)(One-Year)
  Interdisplinary Studies           D.R.H.D.                            2.master of Labour Welfare(Full-Time)
  in Social Science                                                      3.P.G.Diploma in Human Resources
                                                                           Devlopement (One Year Part-time)
                                                                         4.master of Human Resources
                                                                          Denlopement (Full-Time)
                                                                          5.Interdisciplinary area
16.Attached with                                                          P.G.Diploma in Journalism
   Department of english                                                  (One Year Diploma)

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