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On the general description is a directory of the Internet that compiles and scatters program-related resources of the fabric. gears towards webmasters and the programmers who are watching to heighten their sites and intranets of the fabric with the dynamic writings of the development tools, books, and other resources. The thousands of fabric that today program such resources available in the Internet, our mission is to provide with the revealers of the fabric with the best centralized collection of information and resources of programming of the quality in the most advisable way. The  information of the property is iNET interactive, characteristic of the LLC. Founded on June of 2002, iNET interactive is a conglomeration of portals Internet-centric of the fabric. These portals of the fabric consist of software and the fabric-based writings, fabric that receives directories, technical-focused information of the hardware, and other characteristics. The hotel management software at hotscript is located at and the review is available at here. and the referal details are available at

The history of was founded by gained Yoon of September the 13 of 1998. Frustrated by the sporadic information on the writings and the information of programming, gained began to give to programmers a webportal that would be a central directory for the related resources development of the fabric. On the years, grew exponential in terms of the enumerated writings and the demand of the visitor. In April of 2003, won sold its complete interest in to iNET interactive with the understanding that iNET would take outside - towards in its vision adding more resources and characteristics to excessive of the years that come.





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