What that right impression is depends very much on your business. This is something we appreciate at Digital Dreams. If you need classic elegance for your look, then we won't try to push you towards something very modern. Equally, when what you really need is something that just screams "cooooool" then a corporate style homepage is probably not what you need.

Whatever your needs, what you WILL get from us is a design that is right for you, and it will always have that "something" you're looking for, because that something is style - and we have it.


The Different Phases of Website Development
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Write-ups.
  • Designing (Prototype1)
  • Refining (Prototype2)
  • Testing on different Browsers
  • Hosting
  • Final Testing
  • Promotions (Search Engine Submission, Emailing and Media Advertising)
  • Updates
  • Before finalizing Digital Dreams people gives Demonstration and consulting to all our. In the Demonstration we show sample sites that our team has prepared. The print Screens of some of the sites are shown in our design section. You can see more than 100 designs that we have made for our customers. Also we have downloaded more than 100 worlds best sites for you to get the best you want.

  • Generally we suggest our clients to leave the designing portion to us. The reason behind it are
    • All our team members have more than 1000 hours of surfing experience. 
    • We are in trend with what is the latest design  styles.
    • We are
  • Then our team fixes the meeting with the clients and understands his business in depth. Also we collect all possible documents that company have prepared. If the client don't have any write ups our copywriter will prepare the write-ups for the clients.

  • Then we make a Navigational chart for that site.
  • After finalizing the navigational chart and the write-ups we prepare a prototype  for the that site.
  • This Demo of the first prototype is shown to the client or his marketing team. All the changes are listed and the final prototype is shown to the client.
  • Then the site is checked in different browsers for the visibility.
  • After that hosting is done after putting some site counters.
  • Then again it is tested from our side on the net.
  • Then we start submitting this site to different search engines including Indian search engines.
  • Also if needed we can do the E-mailing to respected news groups and pushing it to different medias.