Here we have just produced the print Screens of the designs prepared by the Digital Dreams team. All the designs are having many many effects which are not visible in the print screens. Though our sites contains extensive graphics still they are fast to download. We have used the sample 2 in the exclusive designs page as our home page. This file contains more than 25 graphics files still it is about 60 Kb which takes half a minute to download at 28.8 Kbps speed.

If you are interested to see our demo call us 636384 in Surat. If you are outside Surat call for the Digital Dreams Design CD Rom which contains more than 150 mind blowing different designs. Also we have a collection of 100 best sites round the world downloaded to give an idea to our clients how to go ahead in the development process.


Interface Design

Digital Dreams has established a reputation for excellence in interface design. We ensure that the design of a site

  • Reinforces the content
    Good design sends the same message as the content. Non verbal communication is much more powerful than verbal communication. By reinforcing the written content with supporting design, visitors are much more likely to retain and act upon your site's message.

  • Appeals to the target audience
    The bottom line is this: whether our staff and yours like the web site design doesn't really matter. What matters is whether your target audience finds the design intuitive and appealing.

  • Is easy to navigate
    If visitors can't find the content they are looking for, they will leave. We focus on creating a user interface that is intuitive and consistent.

  • Reflects your corporate image
    To build trust with your visitors, it is vital that your company presents a common image across all media. We will work within your existing guidelines, or help you to establish guidelines if you do not already have them.