CD-ROM Replication (Silver CD)

Price List

For 500 Copies Rs 60.00 per copy 
For 1,000 Copies Rs 35.00 per copy 
For 2,000 Copies  Rs 32.00 per copy
For 5,000 Copies Rs 29.00 per copy.
For qty > 10,000 Copies Rs 25.00 per copy.
Minimum order accepted is 500 Copies.



  • Purchase order with 100% advance.
  • INDEMNITY BOND in duplicate on Company’s Letter head duly signed
  • As per our format pertaining to Copyrights.
  • Artwork/Films for the design of CD (according to our specs.)
  • 2 Master Copies of CD-Rs/CDs
  • Delivery with in 3 to 4 weeks after receiving order.

Above Prices Include

  • Cost of Raw CD

  • Cost of Glass Master

  • 2 Colour silk Printing

  • 2% Sales  Tax only..


Above CD-ROMs are bare Spindle Packs

  • for Plastic Jewel Case the charges are Rs. 7.50 per copy etc.
  • for Inlay Cards Printing the charges are Rs. 6 for both sides.
  • Shrink packaging is free if jewel Box & Inlay order card is placed.

CD Mastering

From Hard Disk Drive to CD-R 

  • Master Copy (Ist Copy) Rs 450.00 (incl. Of CD-R)
  • Subsequent Copies up to 10 Rs 300.00 per copy

  • for > 10 Copies up to 50 Rs 200 per copy

  • for > 50 to 100 Rs 150 per copy

Paperless Office Solutions

Documents & Photographs Storing on CD-ROM 
Scanning charges Rs 10.00 per document between 200-300 document up to A-4 size.
Scanning charges Rs 4.00 per document for a more than 300 documents.

Video CDs

We convert Video Master from VHS cassettes to Video CDs.
A Video CD contains upto 70 Minutes of Video.

For Video CD Mastering the charges

  • For 1st master Copies. Rs. 1,200/- (for a max of 60-70 mins. Of Video)
  • For up to 10 subsequent Copies Rs. 250/- per copy.