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The Department of Statistics of the South Gujarat University was establish in 1972 as joint Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The Department was running conventional M.Sc. courses and Ph.D. programs in both Mathematics and Statistics. Later in 1987, the Mathematics section got separated as a separate Department. The University started the P.G. Diploma course in Computer Application ( D.C.A. ) in 1987 - 1988 with the initial help of U.G.C. and D.O.E. Govt. of India and subsequent support by the State Government. Three-year Master Degree course in Computer Application ( M.C.A. ) was started in 1990 with U.G.C. grant and commitment of subsequent support by the State Government. At present the Department runs M.Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D. programs in Statistics, and M.C.A., D.C.A. and M.Phil programs in Computer Science and Applications. From the academic year 1998-99 the Department have a part-time ( evening ) D.C.A. program.



Computer Facilities

The Computer Center has a Local Area Network ( LAN ) ( Novell NetWare 3.11 ) Comprising of 2 Pentium LAN server and thirty five 486 nodes ( 32 bit PCI Ethernet NIC ) .

Following equipment are available to the students of the department for practical & project work.

Pentium LAN Server 2 Nos.
486 LAN terminals 35 Nos.
486 AT systems with Multimedia 2 Nos.
486 Standalone System 1 Nos.
386 AT 1 Nos.
XTs 3 Nos.
Printers 5 Nos.
Line Printer 1 Nos.
Plotter 1 Nos.
UPS 1 Nos.


The Staff

The Department has at present 3 Professors, 3 Readers and 5 Lecturers. Besides these Ad-hoc teachers are being appointed against 5 faculty positions ( 1 Professor, 3 Readers, 1 Lecturer ) which are vacant owing to various reasons. Some guest faculty also participates in the teaching program as per need.

Faculty Members

Teaching Faculty

Dr. S. S. Sharma (M.Sc., Ph. D.) Professor & Head
Dr. B.C. Patel (M.Sc., D.C.A.,Ph. D.) Lecturer
Dr. A. A. Desai (M.Sc., D.C.A.,Ph. D.) Lecturer
Mr. R. M. Gulati (M.Sc., D.C.A.) Lecturer
Mr. R. D. Morena (M.C.A) Lecturer

Non-Teaching Faculty

Mr. S. V. Patel (B.E) System Manager
Mr. D.N. Chauhan (B.E) Programmer
Mrs. Mina k. Patel (M.Sc., D.C.A.) Technical Assistant
Mr. Rajesh G. Patel (D.C.T) Technical Assistant
Mr. Kiran C. Patel (B.Com.) Operator
Mr. Sanjay R. Modi (B.Com.) Operator
Mr. D. G Patel (B.Com.) Key Punch Operator


Prospective Candidates

This bulletin contains information about the Computer Science Courses offered by South Gujarat University Surat. The Dept. of Statistics of the University runs the Computer Science courses and also administers the Central Computer Center of the University. At present the department runs a three-year Master’s degree program (Master in Computer Applications) and a one-year P.G. Diploma program (Diploma in Computer Applications) on a regular basis. With effect from academic session 1998 - 99 the department has introduced a Part-time D.C.A. course which is given during evening hours and is of 3-semester duration. Department has also started an M.Phil program in computer application.

We list here in this bulletin some basic information about the Department and detailed information about the M.C.A., D.C.A. and part-time ( Evening ) D.C.A. courses. The students are admitted to these courses on the basis of an Entrance Test and a personal interview. A common admission test will be conducted for admission to M.C.A. / D.C.A. / D.C.A. ( Evening Also provided are the general information about the various courses given under the three programs and a sketch of infra-structure facilities available with the Department.




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