First  major  steps in the field  of Textiles,

In the field  of Textiles, first  major  steps  was taken by Zafarali Mills which started  operations in 1861. In 1873, first Gin press was commissioned by Shree Pestonji Bejanji and Shree Gokuldas Sheth.By 1891, Surat had one weaving mill, one spinning mill, four gin presses, one Iron factory and one paper mill.

The first news paper in Surat, "Surt-Mitra", was published on 13th September, 1853 ; its name was later changed to Gujarat - MIn old Sanskrit scriptures, reference of "Lata Pradesh" is prominent. This area comprised of the entire South Gujarat belt. Western Chalukyas conquered Lata Pradesh in 610 AD and thereafter Hindu domain continued upto 12th century, when Kutb-ud-din, the general of Muhammad Shahb-ud-din Ghori penetrated upto Rander town.itra. 

First Newspaper

Bridge across the Tapi

In 1877 was constructed a bridge across the Tapi at a cost of Rs.8,13,000. It is known as Hope Bridge and it has facilitated communication with Broch and its neighbouring area in the north.

For the first time in India, a public body was incorporated for electricity business in 1883.(The Surat Electricity Co.Ltd.).

Surat Electricity Company

First bank in Surat

Shree Premchand Raichand started first bank in Surat in 1864,viz.'Bank of Surat'.In the next year, 'The Bnk of Gujarat' commenced operations in this historic city".

During middle and last half of 19th century, Kavi Narmad carried out various activities for upliftment of society. 

Kavi Narmad

Home Rule League

The holding of the historic 23rd session of the Indian national congress in Surat in 1907 A.D. was an event of great importance. Branch of Home Rule League established by Sir Annie Besant was established in Surat in 1915. .

Sir Ferdunji Sorabji Parekh donated Rs.46,000/- in 1915 (about Rs.2,500 million at today's price) to the Government of Surat for development of educational and cultural activities. 

Sorabji Parekh donated Rs.46,000

Sarvajanik Educatuion Society was established

Sarvajanik Educatuion Society was established by Shree Chunilal Ghelabhai Shah and associates in 1914 . This institution manages many educational organisations even today.

Smt. Naniben Gajar and Smt.Bajigauri Munshi established Vanita Vishram in 1907 for woman rights and charities. 

Vanita Vishram was established

Colleges for Law, Commerce and Ayurveda

Colleges for Law, Commerce and Ayurveda were started in 1935, 1942 and 1946 respectively.

After Indian independence in 1947, Surat has witnessed socio-political roller coster rides.

Indian independence

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