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Gujarati Food Recipe


Gujarati ThaliSurat has a unique food culture which is reflected in the proverbs like Surat nu Jaman Te Kashi nu Maran means fortunate is the man who can dine in Surat and die in Kashi! Popular gujarati recipes with the strange names like locho, ghotalo etc. are common slang used in a Surati's day to day life.

A Surati House wife generally takes a great joy and pride in preparing the gujarati recipies. In Gujarat the recipe is also called Gujarati Rasoi. It has been found that the food prepared on routine basis even involve the neighborhood ladies and the final preparation is shared to the families of the invited ladies

If a research is done on the taste buds of the people of Surat, it would surely give some high numbers. That's why even the foreign food has been extremely welcomed by the people of Surat. Its a common saying in Surat that if you don't have any occupation start a food laury and you will definitely get customers. Not only people love to prepare recipes at home, but they do love to eat outside on Road side and Restaurants. If you are new in Surat and move out on a Sunday Eve, you might get a feeling that the city is in Panic mode. So next time you come to Surat, don't miss out the taste of the road side lauries and restaurants.

How to make - prepare gujarati recipes
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Gujarat Cuisine

Gujarati cuisine is unlike any other Indian cuisine. Almost strictly vegetarian, it is traditionally served on silver platters to the accompaniment of rice and a variety of wheat breads.

Even though the state of Gujarat has absorbed many foreign influences over the years, the basic tastes in food have remained the same. There are few people who do not relish Gujarati savouries - crisp spicy fried farsans, which can be bought in wayside stalls. The famous Gujarati thali served at weddings consists of of various gujarati food recipe like farsans, sweetmeats and a variety of sweet and sour chutneys and pickles. This harmony is derived from the mixing of the sweet with the salty is what makes the cooking of this state different from the rest. Geographically Gujarat can be divided into four regions and because of the climactic differences; there are slight variations in eating habits and modes of preparation.

North Gujarat
This region is popular for its traditional Gujarati thali consisting of rice, dal, curry, vegetables, sprouted beans, farsan, pickles, chutney and raita. Food is usually non spicy and oil is used sparingly. Farsans are of various varieties such as Pathara, Khaman Dhokla, and Khandvi.


It is surprising to know that Saurashtra with its vast stretches of dry earth has sugarcane, wheat, millet, peanuts, and sesame native to this region. Hence pulses dominate Kathiawari food and sweetmeats made of gur (jaggery). This region has a delicious variety of pickles.

Kathiawari favourites include debras  made with wheat flour mixed with spinach, green chillies, a dollop of yogurt and a pinch of salt and sugar, these are eaten with Chhundo (a hot and sweet shredded mango pickle) Yet another specialty of this region is Methia Masala, a dry powder made from fenugreek seeds, chilly powder and salt. This is liberally sprinkled over raw vegetables and salads and gives the food an especially piquant flavour.

Phafda, an omum flavoured assorted flour puri is another Kathiawari favourite.


Kutchi cuisine is relatively simple. It consists of Khichdi, the main dish eaten with Kadhi - a savoury curry made of yoghurt. Some common dishes include Khaman Dhokla, a salty steamed cake, Doodhpak, a sweet, thickened milk confectionery and Shrikhand, dessert made of yoghurt, flavoured with saffron, cardamom, nuts and candied fruit which is eaten with hot, fluffy pooris.
South Gujarat


In comparison to the dry region of Saurashtra, Southern Gujarat is blessed with plenty of rainfall. Green vegetables and plenty of fruit therefore dominate Surati food.

There are no elaborate preparations made, no expensive ingredients used and yet the food in its utter simplicity, tastes exotically different.
Popular items include a delicious vegetable concoction called Undhyoo and Paunk, a tangy delicacy.

Surat is also famous for its bakery items like the nankhatais, gharis and the saglu baglu mithai, which are easily available in the city's bakeries and confectionery shops.

So Enjoy Gujrati recipees at its best!

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